1 and 2 cover their mouths with towel s, handkerchiefs or paper

1 and 2 cover their mouths with towel s, handkerchiefs or paper

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I am well aware of this. To tell you the truth, I used to be a not very fastidious girl, until I saw my teacher share his daily routine, which completely changed my living habits! The teacher will clean the room every day, wipe the floor with towels, and the floor is particularly bright as if it had just been pasted; the teacher will take a bath every day, and girls should get into the habit of taking a bath frequently; the teacher will clean up the kitchen every day.

Indonesian police announced the conclusion of the investigation today: it was inferred that the two men had a quarrel, and finally the boy killed the girl and cut himself with a sharp weapon. According to local media reports, police found several bottles of broken beer and towels stained with blood on the bathroom and bedroom floor in the hotel room where the accident occurred. Based on the scene, the police concluded that the boy stabbed himself in the neck and other parts with a broken beer bottle.

They described it as “crowded beaches, scorching sun, bright swimsuits, sweaty eyebrows, tired limbs stretching lazily on the sea covered with towels.” The roar of volcanoes, planes, speedboats, the screams and laughter of children, the sound of an ice cream truck in the distance. Sunbathers lazily sing songs about worry, boredom, and almost nothing.

Staff An and B of window 1 and 2 cover their mouths with towels, handkerchiefs or paper towels (to prevent the inhalation of poison gas), quickly sort out the cash and seal boxes and lock them, and all counter personnel quickly evacuate the business premises. The drill is over.

Investing in a 100-square-meter baby swimming pool should cost about 100,000 yuan. The equipment needed for the baby swimming pool includes a swimming pool, a swimming ring, a baby bathtub and a baby touch massage platform, which cost a total of about 60,000 yuan. Other supporting facilities include disposable bathtub bags, disposable towels, disposable swimming bags, waterproof belly button stickers, ear protectors, disposable diapers, shampoo, body soap, fart cream, pine pollen, paper towels, etc., which total about 5000.

In response to this fire drill, the headmaster held a meeting of all the teachers and arranged a specific implementation plan for the fire control work. Clarify the specific location and responsibilities of each employee. Repeatedly stressed the importance of this fire drill. And pay attention to the matters needing attention in the safety drill III. The fire drill at 9:30 on November 8, the students were evacuated quickly from the fire passageway. They looked serious one by one, covering their mouth and nose with wet towels and evacuating the “fire” scene from the passageway in a rapid and orderly manner. The evacuees in the building evacuate the students in accordance with the pre-fire drill plan to ensure the safety of the students in the building, so as to avoid crowding or trampling on the students in the panic. After the students escape to the playground, they will recruit corresponding lines to form a square line.

It should be noted that the residual heat of the hair dryer after use is still very obvious, so it must be cooled in time and keep away from combustibles. It is recommended to store it in a well-ventilated, dry place away from the sun. At the same time, the wind from the hair dryer belongs to the dry wind, which can be used frequently or for too long a single time, which can easily cause water loss, hair dryness, and thermal injury, so you should first pat the moisture on the hair with a towel, comb it gently with your hands, and then dry it with a hair dryer.

Patient: after the onset of symptoms, it is recommended to rest at home, live in a single room, keep the room ventilated and minimize contact with others. Drink plenty of water, and the diet should be digestible and nutritious. Pay attention to personal hygiene, maintain good respiratory hygiene habits, cover your mouth and nose with paper towels and towels when coughing and sneezing, wash hands as soon as possible after coughing and sneezing, and avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose. If there is a persistent high fever or severe tendency, you should see a doctor in time.

3. Changing rooms, bathrooms and other public areas should be regularly disinfected and ventilated, and common slippers, towels, swimming rings and other items should not be used to avoid cross-infection.