seat compartment storage space, rear window defroster, sunshade with illuminated cosmetic

seat compartment storage space, rear window defroster, sunshade with illuminated cosmetic

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It is harmonious with blue, white and so on. The top left look is elegant and gentle with a grass-green vest and a white lace dress. And the green dress is more convenient, with a sunshade straw hat as if to go on a picnic.

Optional Class 1 package (body color door handle, front door accent lighting, full-length advanced upgrade floor console, heating steering wheel, internal auxiliary handle, IPLED ambient light tube, leather trimmed barrel seat, 4-way headrest, bucket seat, front heating seat, front seat back map pocket, electric four-way drive waist adjustment, electric four-way passenger waist adjustment, rear 60Tap 40 split folding bench, luxury front door trim panel Mopar bright pedal kit, pickup box lighting, electric 8-way driver / passenger seat, power adjustable pedal, advanced package dashboard bezel, rain sensor windscreen wiper, rear door accent lighting, rear seat compartment storage space, rear window defroster, sunshade with illuminated cosmetic mirror, general garage door opener)

The south facade adopts airfoil sunshade with light sense tracking and automatic adjustment. Through the sunshade design, enrich the building facade, so that the building practical, structural, energy-saving and facade design natural combination, integrated. The external sunshade is hidden in the outer aluminum plate curtain wall, fixed on the outer enclosure structure, and the thermal insulation pad is arranged in the part connected with the structure to avoid the occurrence of thermal bridge. The outer window of the east and west side of the building adopts electric activity aluminum alloy louver for external shading, and the south facade adopts manual electric adjustment of wing sunshade. In hot summer, the solar energy entering the room can be adjusted according to the change of solar height angle to ensure indoor coolness and comfort in summer and reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning. The sunshade bracket of the electric wing needs to be fixed above the main structure to ensure stability. In order to reduce the number of corbels passing through the wall and reduce the risk of air-tight leakage and heat loss, in the deepening design stage, the sunshade wing is fixed by using the corbel of the curtain wall which has been treated by the broken bridge, and the construction is reviewed after the design.

To reduce the direct radiation of sunlight from the roof, walls, windows and enter the room through windows, eaves, sunshades (awnings), coated glass, etc., can be used to reduce the radiation heat of sunlight absorbed by external walls and roofs, and light-colored exterior wall finishes can be adopted. set the insulation layer on the outside of the external wall and roof, or overhead roof.

In the intelligent greenhouse, the single-family greenhouse can use the Internet of things technology to become a measurement and control area of the sensor network, using different sensor nodes and nodes with simple actuators, such as fan low-voltage motor valves and other actuators with low working current, to form a network to measure matrix humidity, pH temperature, air humidity, air pressure, light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration, etc., and then through model analysis Automatic regulation of greenhouse control of irrigation and fertilization operations, resulting in plant growth conditions. Intelligent greenhouse, also known as automatic greenhouse, refers to automatic facilities such as computer-controlled movable skylight sunshade system, heat preservation system, wet curtain / fan cooling system, spray drip irrigation system or drip irrigation system moving seedbed, high-tech “intelligent” greenhouse based on agricultural greenhouse.