every day. Usually children use tableware, forks, towel s and other disinfection

every day. Usually children use tableware, forks, towel s and other disinfection

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We took no less than 20 pieces each of towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, shampoo, shampoo and so on. There are also some instant noodles, compressed biscuits and canned ready-to-eat foods that we can pack.

As an emergency place to avoid fire, the toilet has advantages, such as sufficient water, which can cool down, and can also make wet towels and other escape aids. The door is relatively airtight and not easy to penetrate smoke. However, the shortcomings of the bathroom are also obvious.

Dysmenorrhea is also encountered by most girls, not serious ones do not need treatment, you can use hot towels hot compress abdomen, take a hot bath, do not eat raw, cold, spicy irritating food. Of course, if dysmenorrhea appears cold sweat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms should go to the hospital.

– Rinse with a clean, damp cloth to remove any soapy residue, and pat dry with a towel.

After washing the windshield clean, we can continue to draw circles, left and right, up and down the car windshield with car wash mud. Car wash mud can remove stubborn stains on the car windshield. If we encounter a little resistance in the process of cleaning with car wash mud, it proves that the position has not been cleaned. Just do a few more times in the same position. After completing these steps, rinse with clean water to avoid leaving a mark on the glass. after washing, remember to dry the moisture on the windshield with a dry towel to avoid the attachment of dust.

First of all, when every parent changes diapers for their children, they must be fully prepared and do not lose everything. It is very important for the child, although it only shows the butt, but if the room temperature is too low, it will still let the child catch cold. Parents should change diapers for their children in a warm room in winter. If the air conditioner is on in the room in summer, turn off the air conditioner first, then open the doors and windows for ventilation before changing. At the same time, prepare clean diapers, warm water and towels.

Disposable lunch boxes do the walls of the house, milk cartons are processed into roofs, and a simple “house of love” is formed. The house represents a warm home. In order to make this home more beautiful, Huang Lin put a lot of thought into it. In addition to being decorated with paper jams and towels, the roof specially painted two hearts, one on behalf of the patient and one on behalf of the medical staff. The small gifts in the house are also original, apples, meaning safe; chocolate, meaning smooth, jujube, meaning red; yogurt, meaning interesting ……

In recent years, in order to further standardize the hygiene standards of the accommodation industry, ensure the health and safety of the people, and rectify the hygiene chaos in the industry, the Yuhuan Municipal Health Supervision Institute has gradually launched plans such as diversified supervision of the accommodation industry and five-color management system of towels. Yuhuan City will continue to promote the “transparent” disinfection room to be fully rolled out to the accommodation industry, and gradually extend the project to public places such as bathing, beauty salon, swimming, entertainment, etc., to rectify the sanitary mess in the industry, and promote the hygiene transparency of public places.

Conservation work: although it is already a middle shift, the conservation work is still put in the first place by us. Aunt Wang does it every day, and the activity room, bathroom and toilet are dragged clean and clean every day. Usually children use tableware, forks, towels and other disinfection work is more serious and meticulous, never omitted. She always pays attention to the clothes of children wearing unplugged pants, often reminding them that it is time to put on their clothes or take off their clothes. The advice put forward by the health care doctor can be accepted modestly, completed according to the standard, and consistently adhered to, to check or not to check the same sample, in her own words, this is a job of conscience, I will do a good job according to my conscience.

However, there is not only one doormat at home, but it is better to put one outside the bathroom, so that people will not leave a mark on the ground when they come out with wet feet. People usually go back to the bathroom after taking a bath to dry their clothes or towels, and there will be footprints everywhere in the bathroom, which is relatively unattractive. Therefore, it is a good choice to put a doormat at the bathroom door. I hope you can consider more when decorating the house, friends, I would like to wish you all a happy life!