the side and covered it with a towel that wrung out

the side and covered it with a towel that wrung out

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There are many kinds of door hooks, the most common of which are independent hooks and integral hooks. Independent hooks are suitable for the independent storage of some small items, while the overall hooks are more suitable for the collection of large items or as a whole, such as bags and underwear and towels.

If the travel time is long, you can consider quick-drying towels. In addition to the characteristics of quick-drying, quick-drying towels are generally small and easy to carry. Travel, business trip, sports and swimming are all suitable.

Ms. Duan asked for leave for her daughter and came home. While admiring her new hairstyle, her daughter packed her suitcase, washbasin, towel and toothbrush toothpaste. She specially told her to bring a new toothbrush. “Mom, when do you eat?”

6. For a picnic, you must choose a sunny day to travel. Try to use bamboo picnic baskets. According to the density of items, Hefei open-air barbecue sites are stacked from large to small and from bottom to top. The gaps are filled with paper towels to prevent shattering and compression.

Small toilet basin should choose small and exquisite type, not too much decoration, simple. Mirror is essential equipment, commonly used square mirror, concise towel rack and basin almost the same height, use up comparison, fast. There are many toiletries and daily necessities in the bathroom, if the design is not good, it will affect the daily use. Small bathroom can put some multi-functional storage boxes, look both beautiful and neat, and will not appear too crowded. Can also set up bathroom cabinets in the bathroom, put all kinds of toiletries inside, the storage effect is very good.

Mother bought flour, put it in a washed basin, poured cold water, stirred evenly, poured on the table, kneaded the dough flexibly with her hands, from left to right, from top to bottom, from all directions, a piece of dough pimple, was kneaded into a ball, from rough kneaded into smooth, from loose kneaded into a strong way. Mother put the dough on the side and covered it with a towel that wrung out the water.

Revise and improve various health inspection systems and disinfection procedures and strictly supervise and implement them. A clear division of labor, sub-contract work, the organization of daily routine health inspection and twice a week health inspection, evaluation of the tree model, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers. Pay attention to the inspection of the disinfection of toys, tables and chairs, toilets, washpools, towels and tableware for young children, so as to keep the indoor air fresh, sunny, the floor clean and articles placed in an orderly manner, so as to create a clean and comfortable living environment for young children.

two。 Elevators in public gathering areas such as supermarkets and hotels in Fuzhou during the epidemic prevention and control period are maintained in strict accordance with the requirements. Attention should be paid to the methods of elevator disinfection, do not spray disinfectant directly on elevator keys, wipe with towels, avoid short circuit of elevator keys, and pay attention to fire prevention measures when using alcohol to disinfect. For escalators that are not yet in use, it is necessary to draw a good warning line and prohibit the passage of personnel; arrange personnel to be on emergency duty and deal with elevator failures in time in the event of elevator failure; encourage elevator maintenance units to establish a linkage rescue mechanism to ensure that elevator failures can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Swimming supplies and equipment: boat swimming pool and swimming pool facilities, swimming equipment: swimsuit, swimming cap, swimming goggles, web, sunscreen and skin care products, platform, swimming gear, floating body, antibacterial towels, slippers, bath sets, swimming teaching equipment and other

A large number of daily necessities are matched and trained, such as towels, toothbrushes, clothing items: clothes, trousers, socks, shoes, schoolbags and so on. Teach children to read and imitate, so as to improve their understanding of objects and enrich their language and vocabulary.

4. Full-body massage: two hands massage the eyebrow arch from inside to outside to the temple, a total of 8 times two 8 beats, two hands on both sides of the alar of the nose from the base of the nose down, a total of 8 times two 8 beats. Chest: hands from the middle of the chest, avoid nipples from inside to outside into a circular massage, a total of 4 times two pats, abdomen: clockwise direction of abdominal massage, two hands alternating a total of 4 times two beats, hands and feet: massage palms and feet 8 times each, and then rub each finger and toe, each step 4 times a total of 4 beats, precautions: put the baby on the bed or table covered with mattresses or towels The indoor temperature is suitable, take off the clothes and expose. The operator should apply lubricated skin care oil after washing his hands and massage should be moderate, preferably in the middle of two breastfeeding.