the car body with a brush or towel . Because of the

the car body with a brush or towel . Because of the

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If you scrub it now, it will probably not be clean. In general, businesses will be equipped with a bucket next to the machine, at this time, first put some water in the bucket, and then shoot some foam in the bucket with a foam gun, and then scrub the car body with a brush or towel. Because of the bucket, the details under the wheel hub and door can also be scrubbed. After scrubbing the car body with the foam and water in the bucket. Flushing the foam on the car body with a water gun. If conditions permit, guests are advised to dry the car with their own towels. You can pause the machine while cleaning the car. In this way, the price of self-service car wash is about 6 to 8 yuan. You can scrub your car clean!

Choose a product with leakage protection. Electric towel rack is generally used in high humidity environment, and the products with leakage protection function can better protect the personal safety of users.

During the activity, the chairmen of the sub-trade unions handed mung beans, tea, rock sugar, towels and other summer products to the broad masses of workers to send them “refreshing summer”, and urged everyone to pay attention to summer prevention and cooling in their work, do a good job in safety protection, reasonably arrange work and rest time, strengthen emergency education on all kinds of summer risks for front-line personnel, ensure that all work is in order, and ensure the safety of workers.

First use a towel to absorb moisture, apply hair care essential oil, and then apply a small amount of essential oil when blowing to five or six minutes dry, so that the hair after blow-drying is easy to comb and reduce hair loss.

Tuqiang towels select high-quality long-staple cotton from Awati region of southern Xinjiang, only the best raw materials can meet the quality requirements of the brand. Tuqiang towels have widely used Awati high-quality long-staple cotton in towel bath towels under the Tuqiang brand.