vacuum bags, horse clip bags, handbag s, square bottom bags, trilateral seals, side seals, middle

vacuum bags, horse clip bags, handbag s, square bottom bags, trilateral seals, side seals, middle

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Dili Reba, a regular LV customer, also has an eye for picking bags online all the year round, this time with a black and silver square box of the 2022 early spring series, which sells for 42000. Dili Reba is dressed in a suit with long curly wool hair, beautiful and rustling, with purity in fashion, and a handbag full of air. This bag is rare on the market, and it is also a very valuable bag.

Just like many people collect “antiques”, as long as they like them, they must collect them well, but the things they like are different for each age group, so the collection is naturally different. for example, many young people like shoes, handbags, bags, and so on, they will collect them well, like those who are a little older, they may like to collect a series of high-value things such as spirits, antiques, jewelry and so on.

Kouyi Cnoles bag, female bag, cowhide, one shoulder bag, lady, large capacity handbag, OL style bag, slant bag, birthday present for girlfriend, wife, light luxury goods, rice, white

The other photo says, “every bag of mine is willing to leave all the positions to you without reservation.” and the total value of RMB in the two handbags is hundreds of thousands, which is very rich.

vacuum bags, horse clip bags, handbag s, square bottom bags, trilateral seals, side seals, middle

This is a full personality of the handbag bag, it uses the classic bucket version design, simple personality and practical. Comfortable and soft shoulder straps, more convenient to use, smooth interior design, more simple and good-looking, exquisite workmanship, fashionable workmanship, reflect the taste from the details, very good-looking.

The classic Flamenco handbag is made of fluffy wool shearing material, which is warm and cute to the touch of fluffy, with silver gray and dark brown colors, lined with suede material and neutral tone. The bag is equipped with removable long shoulder straps, which can realize oblique slung shape.

People are sitting in such a corner. At that time, he thought to himself, luckily, there should be a wallet, a mobile phone or something in the bag. He looked around again and there was no one, so he opened his bag. There are wallets, cell phones and so on. Finally, after looking around, I immediately stopped connecting to the Internet and walked out naturally with my handbag.

The classic leather series in the classic series is known as the killer bag with fire in Mission impossible 4. In fact, this bag style is quite many, envelope bag, shoulder bag, handbag and so on, there are many colors, suitable for daily shopping, super versatile.

This hand-embroidered handbag embraces both soft design and practical functions. the leather bag itself has a retro atmosphere, exquisite manual embroidery to restore the three-dimensional texture of flowers, showing classical beauty, the overall shape of the bag is clean and stylish, committed to shaping a free, elegant and distinctive style for women, which woman can resist the temptation of this bag?

Such as pink, red, yellow, orange, bright and generous, but may not be friendly to fair-skinned people, darker skin can try to wear a red coat with a rose gold belt or a bright red handbag. Short skirt or long skirt? If a short skirt can choose a bright t-shirt with denim braces or small black pants, a long skirt can be paired with v-collar yoga pants or boots, or a long skirt, if it is too long, it can be paired with a small white shoe, sneakers, small leather shoes and so on. The third is the choice of bags, luxury bags, such as some luxury bags can try, if the economic conditions are better, you can choose minority handmade leather bags, such as geometric bags, rattan bags and so on. And the handbag is more flexible in the choice, you can choose the fashionable and leisure handbag, you can also choose the tote bag, you can also choose the neutral style handbag,

Two days ago, Sun Li also posted a photo of her sister modeling another handbag made by her mother. In the photo, many girls wear sunglasses and sunshade hats, a white shirt dress and a bag made by their mother, dressed in a fresh and stylish literary style.

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