during the day, with towel s, beds and small

during the day, with towel s, beds and small

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We cleaned out the things in the refrigerator, slowly melted the ice with a hairdryer, and added towels to absorb water at the bottom of the refrigerator. After cleaning up all the ice, wipe it with a clean towel dipped in venom, and then wipe it with clean water.

Let the child consciously remember his toothbrush, his own small towels, his own bowl, his own everything, let him find out, use his own, remember the use of appliances, and so on.

Women should pay attention to sexual hygiene, can not have unclean sexual behavior. As long as there is no need for fertility, try to bring a condom. In addition, pay attention to personal hygiene, can not share bath towels and towels with others, can not wear underwear, do not go to informal places to soak in hot springs or swimming. Do not abuse antibiotics as a last resort to avoid infection with mycoplasma and chlamydia.

It is necessary to do full warm-up activities before swimming in the water to raise the body temperature and improve the functions of various organs of the body (muscles and bones, nervous system, respiratory and circulatory system, cardiac power system, etc.), so that the body is in the most suitable state for exercise. Before entering the water, the baby should try the water temperature, if the water is too cold, do not enter the water; before swimming, lift some water in the limbs, especially after sweating, should not immediately enter the water, should first use a thousand towels to dry sweat, wait for pores to shrink before swimming in the pool

during the day, with towel s, beds and small

1. When there are water droplets in the hair, try not to use the hair dryer to dry it forcefully, because the wind of the hair dryer is too strong, which will cause the moisture to evaporate too quickly and cause some damage to the hair. If you want to dry your hair with a hair dryer, you can first use a towel to dry your hair, and then blow your hair, but do not rub your hair back and forth when wiping your hair (this behavior is more harmful to hair scales).

Of course, the company and the trade union are also concerned about front-line employees, sending them drinks, towels, Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid and other heat prevention and cooling supplies, thanking them for sticking to their posts and working in obscurity in the hot summer days.

Because there are no arms, Lu Dong can only use her teeth to bite the towel to complete the preparatory movements of the swimming competition, and reaching the finish line is also a challenge for her, because she can only hit the pool wall with her head. At the beginning, because she could not master the skill and rhythm, she often bumped into it directly. Later, although she became familiar with the practice and mastered the rhythm, she would still hit her head with all her strength in order to win the possible seconds. She said that although it hurts, it may be at that moment that the game is won or lost.

2: parents are requested to dress their children according to the weather conditions, bring towels and change clothes before departure. Teach your child in advance to pay attention to safety, not to leave the activity site alone, not to play dangerous games.

After an analysis, we live in the east wing and watch the sunrise on the beach in the west wing. We need to race against the clock and quickly pack up and run to the beach. It was still dark, and there was no one at the seaside, strangely quiet and a little frightening. We found a gazebo with gauze curtains to wait. It seems that it should be used for a fee during the day, with towels, beds and small dining tables available. Watching the sunrise on Palm Island is very different, because of the building structure, the opposite is not the endless sea, not far away are some other hotels. The bright moon hung curved in the sky, the sky slowly, slowly changing color, can not wait to play with the water to build a dam. In fact, in the end, I did not expect to see such a sunrise, that little bit of light is actually exposed from the light rail bridge, it is also quite good-looking, very distinctive. Look around, there are a few more Chinese who come to watch the sunrise. It seems that the love of watching the sunrise is also a major feature of the Chinese people.

during the day, with towel s, beds and small

You can first use a hair dryer to blow against the protective film, but can not set its temperature to high-grade, and so on, the protective film can be easily torn off after thermal expansion. You can also sprinkle some ice water on the protective film and wait a few minutes before you can slowly tear it off. You can also smear some essential oil on the edge of the protective film of the refrigerator, and then wipe it against the edge with a wet towel, you can easily tear it clean.