that scarves, scarves, belts, towel s and ties can all

that scarves, scarves, belts, towel s and ties can all

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Under the guidance of teachers, all young children are evacuated in an orderly manner according to the scheduled route; when evacuating, they walk on the right side of the stairs, giving way to firefighters on the left; cover their noses with wet towels, bend over to walk, and cannot push each other, in order to prevent chaos and accidents, and evacuate to the kindergarten playground in a safe and orderly manner.

that scarves, scarves, belts, towel s and ties can all

At first glance, this hanger will also give people a very receptive feeling, claiming that scarves, scarves, belts, towels and ties can all be hung. However, loading a lot of things does not necessarily mean it is easy to use.

It is proposed to pour boiling water and clean oxygen in the stainless steel sink, soak the range hood, cover, stove and so on for a few hours, and simply brush the stainless steel sink and things to shine! I also use it to boil and wash the towels, which are as good as new.

We often heat up the skin, which can promote the blood circulation of our skin and make the skin pores unobstructed. In fact, hot compress can also make the hair more smooth and lubricated. After washing the hair, when applying the conditioner, you can wrap the hot towel around the hair, so that the conditioner can quickly penetrate into the hair, making the hair more healthy and supple.

After the front windshield of the car freezes, soak the towel in warm water and gently wipe the front windshield with a warm towel. If the front windshield does not freeze very much, it can generally be melted with a warm towel.

Teach children not to play with fire, do not let children alone use matches, candles, lighters and other dangerous goods. Call the police or call for help if you find a fire. Call for help in time when you are at the scene of the fire, cover your face with wet towels and flee the fire quickly. You must not overexert yourself to participate in the fire fighting so as not to cause undue harm.

Moderate cleaning of the small butt: unless it is defecation, you do not need to wash the small butt every time you change the diaper, which will destroy the natural protective film and acid-base balance on the skin and make the skin fragile. Clean the butt with warm water every time, pay attention to the front and back, to prevent girls from urinary tract infection, after cleaning must use a soft cotton towel to dry the skin, especially the skin wrinkles.