that her clothes, handbag s and shoes are all the

that her clothes, handbag s and shoes are all the

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But soon, the brand disappeared from the public view again. HelmutLang once took pictures of a plastic handbag with goldfish swimming around and roses in it. This way of giving life to the bag space seems to be the best way out for plastic garbage bags.

A netizen posted his Chanel bag on Weibo, saying it broke 15 minutes after buying it. It is reported that this bag is a Chanel classic handbag, the price is about 20,000 yuan. Netizens expressed great anger and questioned whether it was a fake.

After all, this handbag is not only good-looking, good texture, but also very practical, with her girls can put all kinds of cards inside, when you need to take this bag on the line, no longer have to bother to find.

The other photo says, “every bag of mine is willing to leave all the positions to you without reservation.” and the total value of RMB in the two handbags is hundreds of thousands, which is very rich.

Today, Wulun looks elegant in a Herm 猫 s orange dress, elegant in a white high-necked sweater and stylish in a pair of rice-white boots. Finally, she was carrying a classic platinum bag and looked gorgeous. If you take a closer look, you can see that her clothes, handbags and shoes are all the same color, and the orange bag and coat complement each other. After all, it is a show of Herm 猫 s and should not be careless. Woollen is looking forward to wearing 100% clothes.

The mink coat she wears is still pure natural high-quality mink hair, and the price is at least ten thousand yuan. The bag in hand is more valuable, whether it is a platinum bag from a French luxury brand Mars, or a classic handbag, worth as much as 315000 yuan, which equals 310000 after removing the decimal point. Lin Qingxia and Liu Tao all like this bag very much.

The finished second-hand bags are packed into transparent dust covers and displayed on the shelves, including some classic models, new products, and limited edition handbags that rarely circulate on the market. In the display window, there will always be several valuable non-for-sale items (that is, this style).

that her clothes, handbag s and shoes are all the